Goju-Ryu for Adults

So you’re thinking about taking a martial arts class? Excellent! Martial arts training is a fantastic way to get fit, beat out stress and meet interesting people with similar interests and goals. Regardless of age, ability or current fitness level, you will quickly begin to realize the benefits of martial arts training.

Unlike most physical activities or sports, when you leave the dojo floor your training will transfer into your everyday routine. Success in Karate requires much more than just physical adeptness. Some of the mental and character traits developed through Karate training are:

  • An amplified awareness to detail
  • Increased motivation and discipline to finish a task
  • Higher alertness to your surroundings
  • Improved patience with yourself and others
  • More confidence to try new things with the understanding that possible failure is a natural part of success

The physical benefits are quite obvious which include muscle toning, flexibility, expanded range of motion, increased stamina, better posture and more. These are found in most sports and exercise programs but nothing has the applied potentials like those found in Goju-Ryu. The very foundations that gave birth to yoga and Taiji are the same in Goju-Ryu. Detailed body mechanics combined with an understanding of the sciences of the Eastern internal arts make Goju-Ryu practice a key ingredient for everyday health and wellness. The practice of Goju-Ryu is a wonderful compliment to a holistic approach to life.

Our classes are enjoyable yet concentrated. The training exercises and partner drills will at times test your physical limits which in turn will push your mind and spirit to meet these challenges. Physical strength, a strong mind, and unyielding determination create a confident figure.

In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly necessary to possess practical and proven self-protection skills. Our classes emphasize recognizing and preventing a confrontation. However, there is an appropriate time to make a stand. It is at those times that you deserve the best possible training and practical techniques to ensure your safety. With continued practice, you will develop the necessary skills to respond appropriately to danger.

Home, work, and everyday situations create stress in our daily lives. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every year in attempt to deal with stress. Many times stress is self-imposed as people don’t feel they have control of their lives or the ability to control what happens in the world around them. Successfully dealing with stress comes from having adequate mental and physical skills and the ability to apply those skills regardless of the situation. When we learn that we all have the ability to control ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually then we have the ability to better control those external influences that create stress.

Training at the Goju Ryu karate dojo emphasizes learning and applying success tools through physical application and mental understanding. No one technique will work the same way every time. Every failed technique opens into other options so the student is taught how to flow with the situation rather than forcing it or accepting failure. By understanding all that can make a technique fail, we are not caught off guard when it happens and we are better able to handle the situation with positive results. The same principles apply to home and work. Plus the classes are great mini-vacations from the everyday pressures of home and work. An hour free of stress can have the same effect as a good night’s sleep.

Want to lose weight and tone your body? Training in Goju-Ryu is a great compliment to a good health regimen. And the nice thing about karate training is you don’t need any specialized equipment. You can practice just about anywhere and anytime with minimal space requirements. With so many different exercise drills and methods of practice, boredom will never become a problem. You can generalize your training or focus specifically on certain aspects like strengthening, increasing flexibility or improving cardio. It’s all up to you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Karate may be referred to as the conflict within yourself, or a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training, and your own creative efforts.

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