Goju Ryu for Children

Being a child these days can be scary. Abductions, drugs, gangs and a multitude of other social problems affect our children’s lives, even in nice places like ours. That’s where the GOJU RYU Karate kobudo club can really help to set your mind at ease and arm your child with a host of mental, ethical and physical skills that will help them in school and in life. Nobody can guarantee success. We can however help to instill in children qualities like self-respect and self-discipline from which strength and responsibility will come; all this in an enjoyable way. If we conquer the fears and weaknesses within ourselves then we can never truly lose, in Karate or in life.

Our reward system will improve your child’s self-esteem. We cannot think of a better reason for children to study Goju-Ryu. Because the students progresses individually, Goju-Ryu excels over team sports where many of our children never share in the limelight. Our belt ranking system allows the student to daily display and re-affirm their accomplishments while learning to set higher goals.
We do not teach Karate. We teach children. Karate is our venue to teach children how to learn to teach themselves. As a child realizes they have this ability then the subject matter is irrelevant to the process. If a child can learn to jump in the air, kick and land on one foot while in complete control then any math problem will seem easy. This will transfer over to improvement in your child’s performance in school. Additionally, our “No Pass – No Pass” policy requires a school age child to maintain acceptable grades and conduct in school in order to be eligible for promotion. We will take an active role alongside the parents to encourage and assist children in accomplishing this task.

Our classes are the perfect alternative to sitting in front of the TV or computer hour after hour. One of our many goals is to combat the growing epidemic of obesity and poor health related to the lack of physical activity. Martial arts, by it’s very nature, is a fun and effective way to keep the body fit. It is a proven fact there is direct correlation between mental acuity and exercise. Many seasoned athletes cross train with martial arts to maintain peak performance. And because children want to do Karate makes it so much easier for you as a parent to get them off the couch.

Although our classes our fun and exciting, parents really appreciate the disciplined structure of our program. Our classes teach correct behavior and positive attitudes that show up at home and school. Responsibility, integrity and accountability are all attributes of a disciplined person.

Our classes help children to focus their energies and aggression. Doctors and psychologists very often prescribe Karate training to help children focus their energy in a positive manner. Children with other learning challenges learn to concentrate better and expand on their attention span.

In today’s society it is becoming increasingly necessary to possess practical and proven self-protections skills. Stranger danger and street proofing just isn’t enough. Our classes emphasize the prevention of a confrontation. However, there is an appropriate time to make a stand. It is at those times that your child deserves the best possible training and techniques to ensure their safety. We teach your child how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to react quickly and effectively.

Parents need not be afraid of their child misusing what they learn in class. From the first class we emphasis the use of martial arts for peace. Compassion, gratitude and respect are 3 principles that we reinforce on a daily basis. When a child understands and practices these concepts they use the knowledge they have to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. A strong value is placed on the training and art and the child is encouraged to treat that knowledge with respect.

Confidence is the most important trait for children to develop. Confidence will empower your child with the ability to make the right decision, even when it isn’t the most popular one. Our classes create confidence through real success. Positive critique, praise and attaining goals combined with a curriculum that has been specifically developed to ensure daily success with an emphasis on the quality of technique allows the student to “own” their Karate. Confidence building drills and the performance of technique help replace shyness with assertiveness.

Peer pressure is real. Children have the need to feel significant and respected. “Fitting in” is so important. One of our goals is to give children something that is uniquely theirs. As a member of the GOJU RYU Karate kobudo club your child will be associated with some of the most recognized Karate practitioners and associations in the world. As your child begins to understand what this honor means gangs and other bad influences will find it hard to compete for your child’s attention. Your child will create positive peer pressure that others will want to be a part of instead of the other way around

Children suffer from stress just like adults. Goju-Ryu classes are great little vacations from the everyday pressures of school and home. Teaching a child how to cope under stressful situations helps them learn to control their moods and actions. Children will learn that anger, anxiety and stress are normal and okay. More importantly they will learn that loosing their temper or acting out are not acceptable and that there are more effective ways to communicate and be recognized. Karate teaches the student to respond, rather than react.

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Karate may be referred to as the conflict within yourself, or a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training, and your own creative efforts.

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